Hi there, Joe Martinovic here, just wanting to say thanks form myself and the entire Aussie Car Loans team for letting us help you complete your recent loan transaction. As I thank you, I want to welcome you to the Aussie Car Loans Club in which you'll enjoy great member benefits and discounts.

Finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to ask one small favour of you can you tell us:
How we did? Did we meet your expectations?
Will we the bee's knees or barking up the wrong tree?
Should I be kicking someone up the ladder or kicking someone up the backside?

With this video you will have gotten a link to a form please fill it out and tell us what you're thinking.

Again, thanks for being part of the Aussie car loans family


Just a little thank you from Aussie Car Loans to you for trusting us with financing your vehicle.

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