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2015 Holden Commodore

Whether you're in the market for a brand new or second hand vehicle, there is one thing that everybody can agree on: There is nothing quite like that "new" car feeling.

Drive away from the dealership or a private sale sooner with our Holden finance solutions. 

We can guide you through a range of loan options and advise you on a finance package that will suit your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.

At Aussie Car Loans, we ask more questions than our competitors so that we can provide a fully tailored and customised loan solution based on your individual situation, all designed to save you money. Get that extra peace of mind knowing you have a low fixed rate for the life of your loan.

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Current Car Loan Rates

  • Rate for Private Purchase

    from 6.07%

    comparison 7.96%*
  • Rate for Dealer Purchase

    from 5.37%

    comparison 7.26%*
  • Rate for Business Vehicles

    from 5.7%

    comparison *


Why Choose Holden?

Whether you're a Holden or a Ford fan (or neither!), there's no mistaking that Holden is an Australian icon. This classic brand has been a major player in the Australian vehicle market since the 1940s and no matter where you go you are bound to spot a fair few Holden's on our roads!

Although sadly Holdens are no longer manufactured in Australia (and is soon to be retired by General Motors), you can be assured we will continue to see second hand Holden vehicles as a top choice by many Australian's for years to come. 

Some of the most popular Holden models include: 

  • Commodore (which had a 15 year run as Australia's favourite car, from 1996 to 2011)
  • Monaro
  • Astra
  • Barina
  • Calais
  • Colorado

Not to mention their numerous classic cars that have achieved cult status in Australia, such as the Torana, Gemini and Monaro, vintage icons such as the Holden Special, Sandman panel van and many more Australian icons. 

2013 Holden Commodore SS Ute

Fixed Rate Personal Car Loans

Your car loan will have a fixed interest rate, which means the interest is calculated daily on the balance owing.

Budgeting is made easy with flexible loan repayment options that are tailored to suit your needs and your fixed interest rate for the loan term will give you peace of mind.

Balloon Payments

Balloon payments or residual options are available. By setting a balloon payment for the end of the term you can reduce your monthly payments, to satisfy your budget. At the end of the term, you can either pay out the full amount, upgrade your car or re-finance the balloon amount and continue paying off the car over a new loan period (subject to approval conditions at that time).

Additional Payments

Extra or additional payments will reduce the outstanding balance and therefore reduce the interest charges. This can ultimately shorten the loan term and reduce your overall cost!


For extra security, you can also add insurance to your car loan. This includes Comprehensive Insurance, warranty, security shortfall (Gap) and loan protection insurance;  No deposit finance is available.

Holden Car Finance Calculator

Try our easy to use car finance calculator to get an indicative look at what the repayments on your next Holden will be.

Scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments can be made by internet banking, direct debit, direct payroll deductions, BPAY, or other payment methods where applicable.

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Novated Leasing

A novated lease is a financial arrangement that is used with salary packaging.

How It Works

In this arrangement, the employer pays for the car finance and running costs directly from the employee's taxable salary. This is a tax-effective way to get into the Holden that you have your heart set on.

Benefits of a Novated Lease

  • Tax-effective way to finance the car you want.
  • Running costs are included.
  • Flexible terms to suit your needs.
  • Set and forget with payments taken directly from your salary.
  • Keep the car even if you change jobs.

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