We all want to protect our assets like a new car and the finance that went into them as much as possible.

Now, short of living in a bubble wrap world, we should consider more useful options like warranties and insurances, but with there being so many products and options in the market, we may end up being unsure of which one to choose and may end up choosing none, leaving us potentially unprotected.

We don't want to see that happen to you, so here are the main products we want you to be aware of. Gap or shortfall insurance is a product you'll be wishing you had if your car is written off as it will cover the difference between your comprehensive policy payout and the remainder of your loan, plus it usually includes some extra funds to help get you back on the road.

Consumer credit protection provides insurance options that can pay your loan repayments if you cannot work or options that pay out your loan if you die or become disabled.

Comprehensive insurance is a must to protect your investment and your asset against any damage. It is also a requirement of any secured loan. And finally, a warranty can keep you in your vehicle for even longer worry-free motoring.

At Aussie Car Loans, we've got all the insurance and warranty products from the leading companies under one roof. Check out the Aussie Car Loans website for all the information on these and other products and fill out the online form to get a cost and obligation-free quote.

Short of living in a bubble wrapped world the best way to protect our assets are warranties and/or insurances. With so many options out there we can help take the confusion out of insuring your valuable.

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