Novated Leasing Myths Debunked

There’s plenty of misinformation out there regarding Novated Leasing and we wanted to set the record straight for you by debunking these 4 myths. Myth 1. Novated leases are tricky Not true: Once you complete the initial paperwork the lease payment is taken from the employee’s pre-tax income which can be automated. Myth 2. You … Continue reading Novated Leasing Myths Debunked

Car Loan Interest Rates Explained

One of the things that can sometimes be confusing when you’re shopping for a car loan is interest rates. When you’re using a car loan repayment calculator and it asks for the interest rate, most people shrug their shoulders and aren’t really sure what interest rate to enter. It can be frustrating since lenders often … Continue reading Car Loan Interest Rates Explained

Why you should avoid a ‘busy recent credit history’

When you’re applying for a car loan, or in fact any finance whether it’s for a motorbike, boat or caravan, it’s important to know how the finance industry operates. It’s clearly very important to the finance company that you are able to service, i.e. repay the loan, so they make extensive investigations into your credit … Continue reading Why you should avoid a ‘busy recent credit history’