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Buying A Car Privately

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Car for private salePrivate car sales are the single biggest market for car sales throughout Australia.

Yet some car finance lenders leave buyers with little choice but to go to a dealership to buy a used car.

For some lenders, a dealership offers certain levels of protection as the dealer needs a Motor Dealers Licence in order to operate.

So the banks and lenders are often more comfortable using a car from a dealershipold classic car for sale as security for a car loan, but may only offer an unsecured loan for private sales, which can result in much higher interest rates.

They want to make sure you’re buying a Buick and not a bomb.

Many buyers ask the same question…

How Can I Get Secured Finance To Buy A Car From A Private Seller?

Lenders that do offer secured loans on private car sales will need some information from the seller and about the car in order to approve the loan.

You’ll most likely need to provide the current registration certificate for the vehicle, the current owner’s drivers licence, their banking details, a sale agreement and a financier pay-out letter if the vehicle is currently under finance.

In order to confirm that the vehicle Piles of paperworkdetails are correct, a vehicle inspection report will also need to be completed, which provides further protection to the lender and also to you as the purchaser.

This can be complicated and time consuming, often driving people into the arms of car dealerships.

Aussie Car Loans’ Private Car Sale Financing

Everything you need to know about financing a used car and the car loan process.

At Aussie Car Loans we specialise in private car sales and offer a number of free services to ensure the purchase is quick and easy.

If you’re looking at a car that’s being sold privately we’ll help with;

FREE Vehicle Inspection – Not a mechanical inspection, but we will check all the major identifiers such as the engine, VIN, registration and odometer are correct.

FREE Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) Certificate – making sure there are no loans out on the vehicle already.

Conduct Process & Payout Procedure – if there’s interest in the vehicle with a finance company in Australia we can organise the transfer and assist with the payout process.

FREE Vehicle Write Off Report – ensuring the car has not been previously written off by any insurance companies and repaired for resale.

Car Insurance Options – we have several choices in car insurance and warranty product.

Liaise With Vendor – we will clarify that the seller has the right to sell the vehicle. Once approved and the loan has settled the proceeds will be transferred (EFT) directly into the car seller’s nominated account, eliminating any potential delays to the sale.

Happy with new carIf you’re ready to purchase a car in a private sale, talk to the team at Aussie Car Loans to organise finance.

We have access to a wide range of lenders offering secured car loans on vehicles bought privately. We’ll even look after all the above services so the sale goes through as hassle free as possible.

Contact us to talk about rates or apply online today.


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