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Best Cars for Driving Uber in 2020

Passenger hailing and sharing services are still expected to thrive in 2020. So, if you’ve been planning to join Uber as a driver for quite a while now, this year is a good year to start.

If you are planning to swap cars for the service or if you’re wondering if your car makes the cut, we’ve compiled the features you need for that coveted five-star rating, the best cars for driving Uber in 2020, and the requirements to operate in Brisbane.

What makes the best Uber cars?

All-around Comfort

If you want to make a living out of driving an Uber, you must aim for great reviews from your passengers. The first step to winning them over? A comfortable car! Apart from a clean and fresh-smelling car, make sure that your seats are comfy and that there is an option for climate control. It’s ideal to buy a vehicle with an independent passenger climate setting or a dual-zone air conditioning, or both.

Another thing to look at is the car’s interior. It should give your backseat passengers a good headroom and legroom, while you have enough space for relaxed driving. Some customers will also hail a ride to and from the airport carrying some luggage. So, your car must have a large boot space to accommodate their stuff, or they will have to hold them inside and that’s a big turn off.

Lastly, consider buying an automatic car even if you are adept at driving a manual one. This will guarantee a smooth ride for you and the passengers.

Maximum Safety

The best cars for driving an Uber must also offer maximum safety to passengers. The vehicle you’ll be buying, therefore, should carry a 5-star ANCAP rating. It should also have the best safety technologies available to help you on the road, particularly, an Automatic Emergency Braking.

Other features such as Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Detection, and Adaptive Cruise Control are also important to help you drive safely. And for your complete safety, the car should also have a reversing camera, parking sensors, and high-quality front and side airbags. Remember that it’s your responsibility to drive your customers safely to their destinations, so make sure all these features are present in your Uber car.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Driving an Uber can be a good source of extra income, but only if the Uber car’s total cost of ownership including the car price, insurance cost, fuel cost, and servicing cost, are low enough to make room for profit. One way to make this happen is by buying a new car with good fuel economy. A new car requires fewer servicing compared to a used vehicle, and you’ll get 3-5 years of manufacturer warranty. It also consumes less fuel, which will certainly help drive your profitability up. This is a reason why a hybrid car will also make a good Uber car.

The only downside of new cars (including hybrids) is the high price. However, you can purchase a new car at a discounted price at the end of the month or end of the fiscal year. During this time, dealerships are keener in giving discounts to reach their monthly or annual goals. This will allow you to bargain and purchase the car for a lower price. You can also consider buying a demonstrator car, a slightly used vehicle displayed at the dealerships and showrooms that costs significantly lower than a brand-new car.

Additional Entertainment

Some passengers will hail an Uber for long-distance drives. In which cases, it will help you score some good reviews by providing entertainment. A car with an awesome sound system to play good music should do the trick.

But the best cars for driving Uber to far destinations are those with additional entertainment like wi-fi, massage chair, and rear-seat touch screen with games and internet browser. The top-ranking Uber drivers in Australia have them! If you want to be just as successful as them in driving Uber, make sure to run the extra mile choose the car with these additional entertainment features.

Best Cars for Uber

So, what will make the best cars for driving Uber based on these features? Three of them are Toyota hybrids: Prius and Camry Ascent Sports. Toyota cars are very reliable, have large boots, and the hybrid models will give you massive fuel savings. Plus, their batteries last around 10 years, which will give you plenty of mileage for Uber driving.

In terms of warranty, the best cars you can choose is the Kia Sportage SUV. It will give you seven years of warranty and significantly reduce your servicing costs. This Kia also has a good reliability and are priced lower compared to its competitors.

Other cars you can go for include BMW 330e, which has super-low fuel consumption and very comfortable cabin; and Skoda Superb; a European make with plenty of cabin and boot space, plus a good fuel economy. Safety-wise, all of the cars mentioned scored a five-star safety rating, which makes them very ideal for driving Uber.

Requirements for Uber Cars in Brisbane

If you plan to drive Uber in Brisbane, knowing the best cars for driving Uber isn’t enough to get you on the road.  You also need to consider the following minimum requirements:

·    5-star ANCAP rating

·   A 4-door car or passenger van with no more than 8 seats

·   In excellent condition

·   Within the maximum age of the Uber vehicle

·   Registered and CTP-insured in Queensland

·   No cosmetic damage

·   No commercial branding

·    Has passed a vehicle inspection

You can visit the Uber website for the full list of requirements for driving Uber in Brisbane with different vehicle options.

Get your Uber Car with Aussie Car Loans

Now that you know the best cars for driving Uber and the vehicle requirements in Brisbane, you can shop for the right car to get you on the road and start earning. Aussie Car Loans can help you with that!

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