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9 Must-have Features for Your Car

9 must-have features for your car

From semi-autonomous capabilities to infotainment features, new vehicles today are packed with awesome technologies. The must-have features for your car are designed to make your ride safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable. If you’re off to purchase a new vehicle, don’t forget to include these on your checklist.

  1. Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  2. People use their smartphones even while driving and that’s the reality. Whether it’s
    for an important call or for navigation, we use our devices while on the road even if
    we know that it’s dangerous. The safer option would be to access your smartphone
    through your car’s touchscreen display.

    Fortunately, this is possible with an Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. These features
    provide access to your favourite iOS and Android applications through your vehicle’s
    infotainment system. You can make a call, listen to Spotify, get direction from Waze,
    and read your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger messages all on your car’s
    touchscreen display which is within better reach than your smartphone.

  3. Voice Control
  4. Voice control is one of the best features in today’s cars. It allows drivers to make
    calls and send messages without their hands ever leaving the wheel. With voice
    control, you’ll also be able to take full your Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and
    infotainment system with just one push of a button on the steering wheel.

    Aside from making calls and messages, cars with voice-activated controls can recognise commands like “Increase the temperature” to activate your heater, song requests, and even a simple “Home, Please” to pull out navigation. Some cars already have built-in commands; others allow you to record your own. Regardless of the type, voice control will help you multi-task while still keeping your eyes on the road.

  5. Bluetooth Connectivity
  6. Most cars nowadays have apps that you can download to your phone. These apps
    allow you to control your car even when you are away from it via Bluetooth

    You can remotely lock the car, unlock it, start the engine, and adjust the temperature
    before you even jump in. What more? You can also check the fuel and battery levels,
    and conveniently find your parking space through GPS.

    The Chevrolet Bolt, Acura RLX and MDX, Audi A3, Land Rover, and Lexus are just
    some of the vehicles today that have this feature.

  7. Heated Seats
  8. Imagine yourself one winter night outside. You’re hurrying to
    get inside the car to warm up, but to your dismay, you find the leather seats cold as
    ice. What a bummer (pun intended). Wouldn’t it be awesome to jump on to a toasty
    car seat in winter? Enter heated car seats. A must-have car feature, especially
    during the winter season. Some manufacturers even offer heated seats in the
    second row, to make sure everyone feels comfortable while travelling.

  9. Autonomous Emergency Brakes (AEB)
  10. Probably the best car safety feature that you should get is the AEB. It will eliminate
    head-on collisions, not just with another car, but also with motorcycles and
    Pedestrians. Using detection technologies that include radar, camera, and Laser
    Detection Ranging (LADAR), your car will automatically hit full stop whenever an
    object comes within a specific range.

    When purchasing your next car at the dealership or showroom, don’t forget to tick
    autonomous braking on the checklist. This feature may save your life, your family, as
    well other people on the road.

  11. Digital Radio
  12. This one’s pretty basic, but it’s a lot more useful than you think. Spotify and Apple
    Music are cool but they don’t deliver the local and international news. In which case,
    a digital radio will come in handy.

    Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is now becoming a standard vehicle feature
    worldwide. Most cars in Australia are fitted with the upgraded DAB+ technology.
    Compared to the old analog radio, DAB+ has the clearer sound and more powerful
    reception. But same as your FM radio, you can listen to music with it for free, unlike
    Pandora and other streaming services that are subscription-based.

  13. Reversing Cameras
  14. If you are having trouble parking properly, then worry no more because reverse
    cameras will make it easier for you. The camera will automatically turn on when you
    reverse and show the rear space on your dash screen. Seasoned drivers will find this
    feature very useful, too. Particularly in crowded areas, reversing cameras will make
    sure that you don’t hit anyone and anything.

  15. Automatic Tailgate
  16. Are you shopping for a five-door ute or hot hatch? If so, one of the features
    your car should have is an automatic tailgate. It allows you to open the rear door
    hands-free by simply sticking out your foot near the sensors on the rear bumper.
    Some cars use the proximity key tech. Just stand at the rear and the tailgate will
    automatically open once it detects the car key in your pocket.

    This feature is super useful when you’re loading the car and your hands are full. For
    your total convenience, the automatic tailgate should also be able to close by itself.

  17. Wireless Charging
  18. The newest iPhones and Android phones nowadays have a wireless charging
    feature, and so should your next car. With wireless charging, you can say goodbye to
    wrangling and fumbling with a cable just to get your device juiced up. Charging your
    device while driving will be as simple as laying it atop the charging pad.

    Today, cars that have built-in or optional wireless charging include the 2018 models
    of Chevrolet Bolt and Suburban, Ford Fiesta and Ranger, Hyundai i30 and Kona,
    Cadillac Escalade, and Buick Enclave.

Not planning to buy a new car anytime soon? Then we encourage you to upgrade
your current one with these must-have features. Check with your local dealer which
features are compatible with your car and have them installed. It can greatly improve the level of enjoyment you get from driving, particularly if you have long commutes to work and back.

To fund your car upgrade, call Aussie Car Loans on 1300 769 999 or apply for finance online.

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