Want to trick out your ride even further?

Here are some more tips to make your car bit sweeter, and if you haven't already check out our first five car hacks video, and if you have, let's get started on a round too.

Many things will have a leak from time to time even your car, if your car does spring a fuel leak, as an emergency, temporary fix chew or a minty, and it stops the fuel flow until you can get professional help.

No one likes their Friday night pizza to be cold but have you ever wondered what those seat warmers in your car or fall? well, now we know.

Got a little chip or scratch on your car, just a dab of nail polish and that should do the trick.

Ever get a bit hot on those long summer trips? Try rerouting your windscreen washer lines so you can have a cooling spray of water on demand.

Keep forgetting which side of the car your petrol tank is on when you pull into a station, just have a look at your dash and on many cars whichever side the petrol gauges on, is the side the tank will be on.

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If you haven't already, check our original Best 5 Car Hacks video.

Ever wondered what to do if you're in the middle of nowhere with a leaking fuel line or how do you keep pizzas warm on the trip back home?

We've put together another 4 great car hacks (1 of them is a little kooky but we thought it would be fun to include it).

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