Bad Credit Car Loans

Second Chance Finance (or bad credit car loans) is a flexible secured car loan product for those with bad credit or difficult applications.

Perhaps you are new to Australia, or forgot to pay off your credit card; maybe you missed some repayments, have been bankrupt, or are just unlucky.

Sure, some people deserve another chance but a careful assessment must be done before a finance company will take that risk.

Many applicants reading this may already have been declined or knocked back elsewhere. If this is the case don’t despair. We have experienced consultants with specialist training for these types of scenarios.

Although being secured on your purchase, interest rates for bad credit finance applications are generally higher than all other types of car finance because of the higher level of risk involved.

The Very Last Chance

Have you been rejected by other finance providers and no-one will listen to your story? We may have an answer for you.

Should you require expert loan advice for your particular situation, Aussie Car Loans has a team of specialists capable of guiding you through the entire process, making obtaining finance stress free and painless.

If you would like to talk to a Second Chance Finance specialist please call 1300 769 999. Use our car loan repayment calculator for an indicative look at what your repayments might be!