Car Loan Protection Insurance

Aussie Car Loans strongly encourages customers to consider loan protection.

This insurance will pay your loan repayments if you cannot work due to sickness, injury or disease, or if you become involuntarily unemployed. It will even pay your outstanding balance up to the policy limit should you die.

  • Cover is available for joint owners/applicants.
  • Financed as part of your car loan, and may only be an extra few dollars per week.
  • Covers the whole term of the loan.

Any claim under this cover will be paid in addition to any of your sick leave or compensation entitlements, and gives protection to your family or loan guarantor rather than passing the burden of debt.

Shortfall Insurance

Also known as GAP cover, this is another popular and relatively cheap form of valuable cover.

For an idea of what your repayments will be try out our car loan calculator.  Read more about our car insurance options or call us on 1300 769 999 and speak to a finance professional.