Tips for Maintaining a Good Credit History

Your chances of being approved for a loan come down to how your credit history appears to a financer. They want to know you’re reliable and will be able to make your loan repayments. There are a few things you can do to make sure you maintain a good credit history; Pay your bills on … Continue reading Tips for Maintaining a Good Credit History

0% Car Finance – What’s The Catch?

Recently many car companies have been offering low interest or 0% car finance interest rates on new vehicles; which at face value of course looks like a great deal. But is it? The main manufacturers like Toyota, Holden, Ford and Nissan all offer these deals. But be warned! You may well end up paying more … Continue reading 0% Car Finance – What’s The Catch?

Buying A Car Privately

Private car sales are the single biggest market of car sales throughout Australia. Yet some car finance lenders leave buyers with little choice but to go through a dealership to buy a used car. For some lenders, a dealership offers certain levels of protection as the dealer needs a Motor Dealers Licence in order to … Continue reading Buying A Car Privately